Qualifying Filter Screens using High Magnification Vision

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Programmable Vision System

Programmable, high magnification vision is a versatile tool for measurement qualification. Our device, the Hexagon Optiv Advantage, was custom made for large applications like solar panels. Vision has significant strengths compared to other measurement devices which is why we made the acquisition.

This case study explores one of these strengths – measuring details too small for tactile probes to touch and surface scanners to resolve.


Parametric Programming for Variable Samples

The samples used for demonstration are a variety of fine mesh metal filter screens. They have a variety of patterns, diameters, and pore sizes. Our metrology technicians specialize in these types of applications using a technique called parametric programming.

Parametric programming is an optimization technique using specific bounded parameters. The program is designed to explore, extract, and refine measurements within a specific space. Keeping multiparametric intent in mind, we can program variables like pore size, different focus (heights), and locations.

Further, we can design the program with patterning to automatically locate and measure hundreds or thousands of locations.

Measurements & Extrapolations

Here is a simple example – a manually defined edge leads to automated results. The pop-up describes just some of the collected data from just four measured pores. The software can extrapolate these values and quickly determine if a sample does not meet specifications.


Mesh Gauge Video

Below is a video of the same program used on our mesh gauge. This gauge is used to understand how changes to programming affect measurement results. We use its known feature sizes to understand accuracy and repeatability.

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