Proving 50um Resolution in our 450kv Vault

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50um spot size? Prove it.

We claim that our new x-ray source, the Comet X-Ray MesoFocus is capable of resolving 50um. Talk is cheap, so here are the facts:

Pinnacle DR Review software has built in ASTM tools to process image quality indicators (IQIs) per ASTM E2597. These tools are used for technique development and system qualification; we must prove to our clients that we can resolve the feature sizes we state.

To set the stage for the following information, here is a great article by Pinnacle describing X-Ray Resolution.

We know our 225kv system is capable of imaging between 1-3um depending on the configuration, so how does our 450kv source stack up? Further, for both our microfocus and mesofocus, how true is our basic spatial resolution, or practical resolution, compared to our geometric magnification? In other words, does our theoretical calculation of detector spatial resolution and geomagnification (SRb/(SDD/SOD)) equal the practical, gauged resolution using IQIs?

There must be a contrast dip of 20% to state a Duplex Line Pair resolution. For example, if D13 (50um) only has an 18% dip and you’ve optimized your parameters as much as possible, you may only claim D12 (63um) as your practical resolution.

The Results

The results are exactly as expected. We can resolve D13 (50um) in both our Nikon Microfocus & Pinnacle Mesofocus at their respective geometric magnification locations. This means we are correct when we claim that our 450kv vault is the highest resolution 450kv system in the world. The next best will be Nikon’s 450kv Rotating Target which starts at 80um spot size. This is shown in the graphic to the right by Nikon.

Below are graphics showing the IQIs, tests, and set ups from each of our systems. Click to zoom and inspect the ratios yourself.

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