Industrial X-Ray & CT Scanning – Internal Measurements

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X-Ray & CT Scanning

Measuring internal geometry has become a capability rather than limitation of metrology. Traditionally, measurements have been limited by physical or visual access which means destruction of the part was the only way to measure internal features. One workaround was to cut parts and realign these cut features to acquire internal data. It becomes very time consuming and potentially introduces new issues like part warp through physical force or structural integrity changes. This frustration by our customers in their need for inaccessible data forced us to acquire an industrial X-Ray & CT scanner.

<b>Industrial X-Ray &amp; CT Scanning now allows us to measure internal features non-destructively. Further, we can measure for porosity and inclusions.</b>

Haven Metrology’s Nikon XTH 225 ST has 225kV to get through dense and thick materials. With a stretched cabinet and helical capabilities we are able to push the limitations of CT scan volumes. Further, advanced techniques allow us to acquire multiple scans and compile these data sets for extremely large parts.

<strong>Every scan produced is traceable; this is achieved by scaling every data set to a known artifact. This artifact is 3rd Party calibrated and has gone through extensive testing by all equipment at Haven Metrology.</strong>

X-Ray &amp; CT Scanning

The intake manifold shown has an entire page of internal features that we’ve never been able to measure for our client.


Volume Graphics for Analysis

Volume Graphics is used to process CT data into usable files. It’s also the software used to measure porosity, inclusions, and other volumetric information.


PolyWorks 2020

PolyWorks 2020 is the industry leader for 3D Metrology including scan data analysis. We use PolyWorks for alignments, coordinate systems, and dimensional analysis.

Profile Overlay

Using a best fit and profile overlay we are able to quickly find any significant form issues. This can be used for investigations into a known issue without a solution. This forms the foundation for additional measurements including datum reference frames and complex GD&amp;T.

Cross Sections

Cross Sections are extremely useful for analyzing parts and features at set locations. We can place these sections at nominal reference locations for analysis and exact measurements.

<strong>If you have a part with internal geometry that you’re having difficulty understanding please reach out to us. We offer free quotes and assessments.</strong>

Serving clients across the globe, Haven Metrology is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, ASNT & NAS410 certified, and ITAR registered and compliant contract inspection lab using CMMs with PC-DMIS & Calypso, 3D Scanning with PolyWorks, Industrial CT Computed Tomography & X-Ray Radiography with Volume Graphics, Reverse Engineering with Geomagic Design X, High Accuracy Vision services, and a wide variety of hand measurement tools.

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