3D Scanning Works of Art

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Digitizing Works of Art

Artists use 3D scanning technologies to digitize their hand crafted work. There are many reason for this digitization including marketing, electronic arts, and reproduction of the art at a larger scale. Unfortunately, industrial grade scanning equipment is typically out of reach from a cost perspective. This is why we regularly offer our best in class, high value, high resolution scanning capabilities at no cost to artists. Of course, this is dependent on the scope of a given project. But, you no longer need to sacrifice data quality by using lower end systems.

Our friend Tony Jabbour, an artist from California, seized this opportunity and had us scan one of his hand crafted pieces to be 3D printed.

Part & Scan


Surface Scanning Station


From the Artist

After a traumatic life experience Tony was inspired to create the “Angel of Hope.” Creating this sculpture was a labor of love that took hundreds of hours of acrylic sculpting. The angel sits on a lighted base that illuminates her 21 inch height and 15 inch width.

From the artist:

“I am very grateful and pleased with the work and generosity of Haven Metrology to produce the 3D scan which will be used to produce a 3D PRINT in crystal like resin material and also the silicone mold for producing a limited edition of the sculpture. Working with Keith from Haven Metrology is a pleasure and the first step in making this project a success.” – Tony Jabbour

Tony’s website is under construction and should be ready in early May, 2022. You can reach him by email at tonyjabbour@sbcglobal.net.

Front & Back Views


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