Industrial CT Scanning of Micro Wires

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1 Micron Resolution using Industrial CT Scanning

This post demonstrates Haven Metrology’s ability to scan and analyze micro wires using Industrial CT Scanning. Resolution depends on proximity to x-ray source; because of the small size of this wire we were able to scan with a 2.5 micron effective pixel size. Some sources say this data can be subdivided from 1/3rd to 1/10th while maintaining a high uncertainty level. Using 1/3rd we have an effective resolution of .75 microns.


Micro Wires next to a 1 Inch Wire

For scaling purposes we pulled into the PolyWorks workspace a “typical” 1 inch (25mm) long wire we scan with our Zeiss Comet L3D scanners. Even without CAD we can demonstrate form by using a PolyWorks function called “Deviation from Feature Primitives.” The color map effectively shows the OD cylindricity in profile form.

Zoom Factor 1

We can clearly see the high resolution of these wires even after they’ve been converted to mesh and exported from Volume Graphics. We use PolyWorks for all dimensional analysis and can easily adjust scales and tolerances for any type of project.

Zoom Factor 2

You area now viewing wires the size of a grain of sand. We are able to perform dimensional analysis, CAD comparisons, part to part comparisons, and reverse engineering. Nothing other than Industrial CT Scanning allows us to perform this type of work on such small specimens.

Digital Radiography and CT Slice Analysis

We can also perform Digital Radiography analysis for faults, or CT slice analysis to inspect fitment, porosity, and more.

Serving clients across the globe, Haven Metrology is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, ASNT & NAS410 certified, and ITAR registered and compliant contract inspection lab using CMMs with PC-DMIS & Calypso, 3D Scanning with PolyWorks, Industrial CT Computed Tomography & X-Ray Radiography with Volume Graphics, Reverse Engineering with Geomagic Design X, High Accuracy Vision services, and a wide variety of hand measurement tools.

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