Go Big or Go Home – X-Ray & CT Edition

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200lb, 5ft Aluminum Casting

What comes with a 500lb weight capacity, the largest & fastest detector, and highest resolution 450kV x-ray source in the world?




Since acquisition of our vault, we and our clients have enjoyed pushing the system to its limits. Here are examples of what we have been up to.

In-process Low Density Fixture Shelf

Modular & Creative Fixturing

Using techniques like focus scans, manipulator & detector offsets, and careful part positioning allow us to capture full CT volumes of very large specimens. Long path lengths are countered by high energy, strong filtration, and Volume Graphics digital corrections.

This example shows a break in the sidewalls halfway through the radiator. Because of the multiple walls, plastic header, and other geometries, visualization via CT versus X-Ray was perferred.


X-Ray Automation & Image Review Macros

X-Ray Automation & Image Processing macros make light work of large castings. This fan blade requires just 8 images (not including the root). With Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions built in ASTM tools we offer a full inspection technique including severity grading using scaled digital reference images. The blur shown in the image is certainly not to conceal the part, and totally because of how fast we spin the manipulator (kidding.)

Heavy Load Manipulator

The heaviest samples we’ve tested so far are these 50 inch long steel tubes weighing over 400lbs. Full rotational & translation use of the manipulator was deployed for this project.

Serving clients across the globe, Haven Metrology is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, ASNT & NAS410 certified, and ITAR registered and compliant contract inspection lab using CMMs with PC-DMIS & Calypso, 3D Scanning with PolyWorks, Industrial CT Computed Tomography & X-Ray Radiography with Volume Graphics, Reverse Engineering with Geomagic Design X, High Accuracy Vision services, and a wide variety of hand measurement tools.

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