Industrial CT Scanning for Medical Devices

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Industrial CT Scanning for Medical Devices

Industrial Computed Tomography is used for a variety of inspection services in industries where safety critical standards and thorough investigations are required. Medical industries rely on industrial CT Scanning to understand complex assemblies, fit, function, and failure analysis.

This is a standard catheter used for the injection of medicine into the body.

Industrial CT Scan service medical device catheter 12

Assembly Analysis for Fit & Function

Various potential points of failure throughout the assembly need to be analyzed on a percentage of all manufactured samples. Manufacturers also need to understand  fit and function between interchangeable components. Further, dimensional inspection will be performed in both the assembled and free states.

Slice Data to Investigate Leak Paths

Analysis through different axes of the part reveals different information. When traveling along the length of the tube we can look for leak paths.

Important time stamps:

0:05 – Demonstration of Resolution & Porosity

0:20 – Wall Thickness Variance

0:40 – Alignment of Three Components, Fitment of Ribs

0:58 – Leak Paths in Catheter Tube

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