HMS’s New ASNT NAS410 NDT Certification Program

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When we acquired X-ray & CT to complement our metrology services, we imagined way too small. In less than two years we have become a global supplier of NDT for all industry sectors. Unfortunately, we have also missed out on several amazing contracts due to not having specific certifications; so we are upping the ante!

We are pleased to announce we’ve partnered with WeaverNDT to establish a formal ASNT and NAS-410 RT/CT NDT Certification Program. We are already operating to this written practice for NDT with Greg Weaver (Cert#149144) acting as Haven Metrology Service’s Responsible Level III.  HMS’s technicians are officially on the path to Level I & II certifications.

These new standards guarantee adherence to the highest NDT standards for RT & CT.

Serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and beyond, Haven Metrology is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, ASNT & NAS410 certified, and ITAR registered and compliant facility specializing in contract measurement services using CMMs with PC-DMIS & Calypso, 3D Scanning with PolyWorks, Industrial CT & Radiography with Volume Graphics, Reverse Engineering with Geomagic Design X, High Accuracy Vision services, and a wide variety of hand measurement tools.