450kv Industrial CT Scanning of Copper Windings

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450kv Industrial CT Scanning Copper Windings for Failure Analysis

Industrial CT scanning is used for a variety of inspection services. This case study demonstrates the benefits of our high resolution 450kv vault for root cause failure analysis. Boasting the highest weight capacity, largest, fastest, and highest resolution detector, and Mesofocus high energy xray source, we are able to acquire incredible data within even the highest density components.

Because we are located in Michigan, the home of the automotive industry, when it comes to engines we have x-rayed and CT scanned every type of component – injectors, camshafts, pistons, oil pans, filters & pumps, and entire engine blocks.

This case study demonstrates one of the most challenging components to scan – the copper wound camshaft phaser actuator. Though the component is small, the path length of copper is large and quickly attenuates x-rays, creating an uninterpretable volume of noise. Traditionally we have used our 225kv system which was just enough energy to find a fault.

Our 225kv and 450kv systems both have their strengths and weaknesses. The 450kv system shines in this scenario by having enough penetrating power to acquire high fidelity data on a very high density component.


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