Industrial CT Scanning of Fine Mesh Filters

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Industrial CT Scanning Fine Mesh Filters

Resolution depends on proximity to the x-ray source, so a small part with fine detail like this filter was no match for our Nikon XTH 225 ST Industrial CT Scanner.

We’ve been receiving a variety of filters – large canister assemblies, urethane, carbon, and micro-mesh filters like this – from all over the US including Michigan, Wisconsin, and California.

Filter for Scale by Penny

Porosity Analysis of Filter

Unrolling Cylindrical Features

The below image of this filter was created using the “unroll” function based upon an axis using Volume Graphics. We are able to analyze the filter at a uniform distance from this axis.

Unrolling of Cylindrical Filter

High Resolution Data Acquisition

The below images show the raw CT slice data and the scan after it has been converted to a mesh file. This mesh file can then be pulled into many softwares for dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more.

Explore the 3D Rendering of this Filter


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